Lenin - our muse.

Announcing Bicycle Holocaust

Bicycle Holocaust is a conceptual sculpture supported by the Töad Meädow arts collective. It will be constructed of 20 bicycles welded together and filled with thermite (an incendiary).

Bicycle Holocaust invites us to reflect on sustainability and occupy Wall Street bike lanes. It utilizes social engineering as well as equal rights and justice to achieve these goals.

Bicycle Holocaust insists on raising awareness.

Our goal, comrades, is to unveil this in the summer of 2016 somewhere in Buffalo, New York.

Bicycle donation are gratefully accepted and will be used to build the art work.

This website will be infrequently updated with photos and textual reports as we progress towards our goals.

Electric, controllable ignition…licked!

Most people light their thermite with burning magnesium. As we found in testing, this is a very unreliable way to get the job done. The magnesium often self-extinguishes.

Last weekend, we successfully tested a pyrotechnic mixture that will work every time and give us split-second control over the firing sequence. Watch the video to see the tests.

Bicycle Holocaust!

Feel the “Bern!”

Buy more thermite.


Cardboard bike to be used to model the sculpture.

Planning begins with laser-cut models

Laser cut cardboard bikes.
Makeshift Lab workbench with bicycles.

We have undertooken the first step in the creation of Bicycle Holocaust. Doug Borzynski of the Makeshift Lab at the Buffalo Museum of Science loaned us the use of his laser cutter to cut out 19 cardboard bicycles. Each bicycle is 8 inches (20 cm) long. We will use them at the next Töad Meädow art build party weekend to assemble a model of the final sculpture.